Friday, November 9, 2012

Just what the tittle says....

For awhile now I have wanted to start a beauty blog but really didn't know where to begin. So after reading beauty blogs for awhile I decided to start this one. For those who do not know me, I'm a Stay at home mom/work at home Mom to one adorable if I must say so little boy who is 2. I have an amazing life partner who I wouldn't trade for the world even though some days I could strangle him =) We live in a small town near Charlotte on Lake Norman. I have always loved all things beauty, I grew up in a hair salon yes I said a hair salon, My Mother had her own salon for years and as far back as I can remember , I would sit in the salon and watch her transform these ladies into beautiful people. I was in love with make up from a very young age and was always wanting to try everything my Mom was using on her clients.
I have a huge nail polish addiction. As well as make up. On my blog look for reviews from high end products to low end ! I hope ya'll enjoy.

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